Highly professional industrial inspection solutions

i4 inspection provide a range of pressure equipment inspection services for small, local businesses and large scale industrial facilities. Our inspection staff are widely experienced, operating in multiple industry sectors across Australia and the greater Asia Pacific region.

More than twenty years of industry experience

We have extensive knowledge of a broad range of pressure and process equipment types, materials, degradation modes, repair techniques and inspection methodologies. Services can be provided to your site on an ad-hoc or planned basis or as an integrated member of your team.


With a history of operating to both traditional inspection schedules and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) programs, we are adaptable to suit your Asset Integrity Management requirements. We have demonstrated experience in the use of multiple Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) techniques and our staff are competent in the use of various asset integrity quality systems. Additional to our inspection services, we can also provide auditing and/or review of scheduling and inspection data as required.

We have an inherent HSE culture and we respect and adhere to the values expected within modern Australian industry.

We are experienced at planning, conducting and managing inspection activities on routine scheduled works, major shutdowns and unscheduled outages and have a broad experience in both maintenance and fabrication in Australia and Asia. As such, we are well versed in the expectations for efficient asset integrity and quality outcomes whilst providing a timely and economical service.

With our present team i4 inspection can provide personnel qualified in the following:

AICIP (Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel)

  • In-Service (ISI) and Senior In-Service Inspector (SISI) of Pressure Equipment


API (American Petroleum Institute)

  • API-510 Pressure Vessel Inspector
  • API-570 Piping Inspector
  • API-580 Risk Based Inspection
  • API-653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector

CSWIP (Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection Personnel)

  • CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector – Level 2


ISO9712 (AINDT / PCN) Certified Non-Destructive Testing

  • Level 2 qualifications held in multiple test methods


  • Do you knowif you ownpressureequipment?

    • Recognising and understanding the management requirements of pressure equipment can appear complex. Common examples of such equipment include air receivers and air/oil separators on compressors, blast pots in the coating industry and even some autoclaves in medical facilities and fast food chains.
    • Not only will we help you meet your legal obligations with regard to owning pressure equipment, but our proactive inspectors can identify small issues with your equipment before they become major problems.

For businesses with relatively few items of plant defined as pressure equipment, the legal requirements of owning and managing this equipment can appear daunting.

Our experienced inspection staff are able to guide you through these requirements, including:

  • Identifying plant classified as pressure equipment as per the relevant Australian Standards. This will be dependent on the volume, design pressure and contents of the equipment.
  • Identifying the governing legislation and responsible government agencies depending on
    your worksite location (as variations occur between jurisdictions).
  • Explaining the requirements for design registration and individual registration of the equipment if applicable.
  • Defining and conducting the inspections required on the equipment, from commissioning / relocation to scheduled external and internal inspections.