We provide efficient, professional in-service inspection services for major asset holders and small businesses alike.


    • Based in Perth, Western Australia i4 inspection service local and international clients. We provide a range of inspection services including fabrication compliance and in-service inspection of pressure equipment (pressure vessels, pressure piping and boilers), structural elements and storage tanks.
    • Pressure equipment is found throughout many levels of industry within Australia from large scale industrial facilities to an array of other sectors including defence, mining, medical, agriculture, food and beverage manufacture, utilities providers, crafts and mechanical services.
    • Regardless of the scale of your operation, i4 inspection can help meet your operation’s inspection needs.

WHY CHOOSE i4 inspection?

i4 inspection are a company specialising in asset reliability and integrity inspection services that operate to the highest industry standards. We offer the following:

  • An inherent safety, environment and quality culture
  • Highly experienced inspection staff
  • Extensive leading industry qualifications
  • Professional services at competitive rates
  • Adaptable and efficient client focussed team


Frequently Ask questions

The short answer is that pressure equipment is boilers, pressurised vessels, piping and tanks built to certain standards as well as fired heaters and “heritage” equipment. This excludes gas cylinders, some piping and tanks and also pressurised machines (e.g. turbines).

Hazard levels are the risk ratings calculated for pressure equipment assigned in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 4343 Pressure equipment—Hazard levels. The hazard level is assessed by calculations regarding the volume / diameter, contents and design pressure of the equipment and further weighting factors may be applied. The hazard level is given on a scale from hazard level A (the highest) to hazard level E.

The hazard level of the equipment is then used to assess the registration requirements and inspection types and frequencies for the equipment.

Whilst all employers have a duty of care to supply a safe place of work, there are further responsibilities with regards to managing pressure equipment. Inspection of pressure equipment is a statutory (legal) requirement. Relevant acts and regulations will be dependent on location, but generally refer to the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3788 Pressure equipment – In-service inspection for the minimum requirements for the inspection, repair and alteration of in-service pressure equipment.

Depending on the hazard level of the pressure equipment (as per AS4343), the design of pressure equipment may require to be registered with the relevant governing agencies. Furthermore, depending on which governing agency holds jurisdiction over the work site location, individual items of pressure equipment may also be required to be registered. For further information please see our map with links to governing agencies Australia wide on our services page.

Safe and Reliable

There are a number of legal and duty of care requirements for owning and operating pressure equipment.

i4 inspections offer a range of inspection services to ensure that your pressure plant and storage tanks meet all necessary statutory obligations. Proactive inspections increase the safety and reliability of your site.

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Applying our core values of Safety, Reliability, Integrity and Efficiency to your operational assets.

Protecting your assets’ integrity.

At i4 inspection we are committed to providing you with a professional inspection service to ensure the reliability of your plant and storage tanks.

With more than twenty years of related industry experience our dedicated team put our knowledge to work for your business in planning, conducting and managing inspection activities.

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